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The Designer

Jaloux shoes are designed & 100% hand crafted by Basak Ozdemir who was born in Istanbul.


In early stages as a teenager she was into Arts and Music and since then she was professionally trained in classical ballet, flute and solfeggi. Which opened her eyes into the world of Art.


During her high school years she won the design competition of The Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006 at the University of Marmara. Then she studied and graduated in Traditional Turkish Art and Textile Print Design at the Marmara University in Istanbul – Turkey.


Basak Was a creative girl since she was a kid and her passion in fashion & textile made her to be more creative. In early stage of her creative life she started to design herself and her relatives shoes by using different materials at home. Later on her passion for shoes made her to persuade Her dreams by studying Shoes & Accessories at the University of the Arts London. (UAL)


She participated in various workshops in fashion areas and in 2015-2016 she won the award of “Young Designer of the Future Vision of London” in the “Footwear of the Year” competition. The designer who participated in many competitions both at home and abroad has achieved great success.


She is who redefines luxury shoes with inspiration, vision and instincts also she believes that a good design should be stylish and comfortable.


Each of her collection has an inspiration behind and each shoe has a separate story. Most of her designs are influenced by her personal experiences and life story. Her first collection was inspired by her life in London.


Jaloux Shoes are made in limited numbers and every models are completely handmade.

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